21 Best PHP Web Scraping Libraries 2022


Web scraping is a way to extract useful information from a website. We mostly use this technique when there is no official API that allows us to retrieve the website’s data.

Several programming languages are packed with all the tools for scraping a website. But today, I’m here to give you a list of best PHP Web Scraping Libraries.

Some of these libraries will even work if the website content is loaded using JavaScript. Thanks to the headless browsers that simulate the web scraping just like a normal user views a web page.

A great thing about using PHP for web scraping is that you can automate the whole process with the help of CRON-job.


Goutte might be the number one choice for people who wants to extract website data but with ease of use. You just need to install this library through the composer. After that, request any web page using its built-in web browser.

It helps you stay undetectable by websites that take additional security measures to prevent web scrapers. In simple words, it uses the Symfony BrowserKit component to depict like a real user is viewing a website. So, there is no reason for them to block us. Isn’t it?

Some of its real-life use cases include: clicking on a link, extract text from specific HTML element, and submit the form.


  • Goutte comes with a headless web browser.
  • Loved by a massive community of open source PHP developers.
  • It can work with both HTML and XML documents.
  • You can submit forms with Goutte.
  • Very easy to navigate DOM because it makes use of Symfony’s DomCrawler Component.


  • Requires PHP 7.1+ to work. It will not work in older versions of PHP.

Laravel Facade for Goutte

This one is a modified version of the original Goutte library. It is designed to work seamlessly with the popular PHP framework “Laravel”.

Most of the time PHP developers prefer using a framework instead of working with core PHP. There can be a number of reasons behind this decision. But, the most significant one is that a PHP framework like “Laravel” gives us a well structured and secure starting point.

So, I would highly recommend using this web scraping library in your existing or new Laravel based projects.


  • It can quickly integrate within a Laravel website.
  • You can use the composer to import its source code.


  • It is not designed to be used by core PHP or frameworks other than Laravel.






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