10 Best Android Animation Libraries 2022

Android animation libraries

Animation and transition effects play a vital role to enhance the UX of an app. Basically, Android is packed with several classes that help you add animations to your app. The most notable among them is MotionLayout which was introduced with ConstraintLayout 2.0. MotionLayout is well equipped to create complex animations. There is a step-by-step … Read more

15 Best Installers for Windows Programs 2022

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Inno Setup Download Advanced Installer Download Windows Remix Download SetupBuilder Download Actual Installer Download Setup Factory Download ClickOnce Download InstallAware Download ClickTeam Install Creator Download NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) Download DCP Setup Maker Download MSI Generator Download AdminStudio Download InstallShield Download WiX Toolset Download

13 Tools for Website User Session Recording 2022

website session recording

FullStory FullStory performs website session recording of users. It tracks every user’s action on a website by recording their screen. Meaning that FullStory can immediately find out the biggest reason for dropout on an eCommerce store. This comprehensive tool performs user session replay, extract programming issues, evaluate web performance, etc. FullStory can determine which issue … Read more

10 Mind-Blowing React Testing Libraries 2022

Mind-Blowing React Testing Libraries

Testing is an essential part of web application development. No website is ready for deployment until testing is done. In my opinion, every web application requires testing irrespective of what technologies are used in it. There are different types and methods for testing web applications. Many open-source developers have already combined these testing methods into … Read more