Convert Text File (TXT) to CSV Using Python 3 Pandas Script

This tutorial will teach you how to convert a Text (.txt) file to CSV using the pandas library in Python. I’ll give you the complete source code of this application so you could easily test it out on your PC.

Let’s get started by installing the pandas library using the pip command.

pip install pandas

Now create a new Python file for this project and name it as After that, copy the below-given code-snippet and paste it in

# importing pandas library
import pandas as pd

# reading given csv from .txt file
# and creating dataframe
dataframe = pd.read_csv("file.txt", delimiter = ',')
# storing this dataframe in a csv file
dataframe.to_csv('new_file.csv', index = None)

According to our code, we need to provide a file.txt that contains our data. By default, commas will be used as delimiters, but you can easily change them to whatever character you like.

So, let’s create a file.txt in the root folder of your project and add some comma-separated values. For example, have a look at this file.


ID, Name, Score
1, Furqan, 100
2, Ibrar, 95
3, Ammar, 87
4, Sheraz, 90
5, Babur, 65

Run Python Convert TXT to CSV Project


The Output of Python TXT to CSV

A file named new_file.csv will be generated automatically in your project’s root folder.

Here’s a screenshot of that file:

python convert txt to csv

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