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13 Tools for Website User Session Recording 2022



FullStory performs website session recording of users. It tracks every user’s action on a website by recording their screen. Meaning that FullStory can immediately find out the biggest reason for dropout on an eCommerce store.

This comprehensive tool performs user session replay, extract programming issues, evaluate web performance, etc. FullStory can determine which issue is more harmful to your business. So that you could prioritize your focus on the most important things first.

It also puts a great emphasis on the privacy of users. So, you can completely trust this solution for your next web project.

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Hotjar provides four different products to track your digital business. These products are Heatmaps, Recordings, Incoming Feedbacks, and Surveys.

Heatmap provides a visual representation of clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior of visitors on your website. It identifies users by their device type to store the sessions correctly.

Recording tool records user screen including mouse movement which can be replayed later. The feedback box lets you receive the sentiments of the visitors.

Whereas, the survey form helps us retrieve meaningful information from users by asking targeted questions. It enables us to analyze the context behind certain user behavior.

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Smartlook lets you go into the mind of the user by recording user interactions on the website. It provides location information of the visitor. Smartlook consists of 30 filters that can be used to attain your desired information. You can provide a replay link or add a note on the website whenever an issue occurs.

Smarlook record each event of the visitor on your website. It records the timing of each event occurs on the website. Therefore, you can use the visitor timing for your website service conversions. Smartlook provides custom filters to perform statistics for your business. It sends statistics reports to your inbox weekly. You can compare the new feature of your store website with the function people already applied for their business websites.

Further, smartlook contains the Funnel feature. The funnel feature helps you to figure out the progress of your mission to make people act on your website.

Smartlook provides a customized dashboard. A customizable dashboard provides all the information about your digital business users in one place. This information is in the pictorial form which can be visualized easily for your business strategies modification. It will notify you in case any funnel stops.

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Mixpanel helps you to gain, convert, and involve more users in your eCommerce store. It helps us with four different features. That features are behavioral analytics, data science, data governance, and user analytics infrastructure. 

Behavioral analytics visualize that where the user started to interact with the website, the whole path, and where he stopped interaction on the website. You can compare the behavior of paid and free traffic on your website. With behavioral analytics, you can categories the interest and actions of different types of visitors to your website.

Behavioral analysis insists you make conversions by providing the funnels feature. Funnels tell you where, why, and which user dropped services.  It notified you when important change occurs in the matrices.

Data science discovers that what behaviors of user lead to a specific action. So, you can prioritize the events based on public attitude.

The data governance feature keeps your data clean. Therefore, any member of your team can conveniently access, understanding, and use it.

The user analytics infrastructure feature of mixpanel offers a custom database that can store data to answer complex behavior questions. It answers the 95% queries in less than two seconds from a tremendous amount of data.

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Mouseflow records frustrated users, JavaScript errors, friction, and much more. It records the screen of the user just like CCTV. Each click, mouse movement, and scrolls are being tracked. You can filter based on the user’s dissatisfaction, mistakes, compatibility issues, and many more factors.

Heatmap shows the summarized behaviors and activities of the public. It tells us what is running and what doesn’t. it maintains custom date limits, mobile and responsive layouts.

Funnels keep track of each user throughout the journey. You can visualize that where the user is leaking out with the funnel feature.

Mouseflow also records user actions on forms. You can use this recording to expose problems facing by a user and improving serviceability. It also asks for user feedback for future practices.

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Inspectlet discovers the tracks of users on your eCommerce store. It stops you from guessing the expectations of users about your service. With inspectlet session recording, you are just standing on the shoulders of the user and visualizing its activities.

You can learn about the trends most attracting the users by observing priceless information of potential customers.

Inspectlet provides powerful filtering. You can easily filter the desired users with this filtering feature. The funnel tool tells which users add products into the cart but never performs check out. This tool also keeps track of users from one page to another page. You can visualize that where the user is dropping off with the funnel feature.

Inspectlet is designed by considering the latest technologies. It can be used with any web apps without any integration.

With inspectlet, you can tag data of the user with session information. So, you can find users with their email session information. Inpectlet also offers search with a particular event e.g. pressed-play.

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Heap saves every activity of the user all the time. It processes everything the user performs in your online store. There, you don’t need to decide anything in advance or write code.

Heap is a single tool that automatically captures all the data of users from your website. With heap, API use can attain the whole user journey on your site. The sources of heap extract information from other tools as well. Therefore, you can track the actions of the customers.

Heap provides an event visualizer to examine each event on your website. Heap understands the confidentiality of your business data. It keeps your data trustworthy and clean with a data dictionary for usage. The governance tool provides an analytical platform to measure data and communicate with teammates. Security and compliance features of heap keep your data secure.

Heap can analyze the data to improve acquisition and retention. With Heap, behavioral perceptions keep you associated and produce outcomes in the organization. Heap Connect is an intelligent and easy-going way to allow analysis of data.

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Uxcam delivers you the perfect experience of the user on your software application. It records every minor action of the user and permits you to optimize your software application. There, you don’t need to guess the experience of the user on your site.

With the session recording of uxcam, you can see your online store with the customer’s eyes. You can replay anytime the user experience and evaluate it for optimization purposes. Uxcan allows you to search for any session that matters to your business optimization rule. It tells you about the sessions that face crashes and rage taps. It lets you watch session experience quickly and a particular screen as well.

You can watch visitor session recording from different angles. You can find out the reason for dropping out of your app. It facilitates you with strong machine learning tools to uncover the hidden points of user frustration from an enormous amount of data. Uxcam exposes the different directions of usage of your online store. The zero instruments of uxcam can extract the micro-interaction activity of users. So, you don’t need to worry about the coding for user experience extraction.

Uxcam gives you the intention of the user behind the utilization of your app. It discovers the hidden bottleneck. You can see the big picture of your software application in a single view. You can see the user experience on different devices and identify different device issues during the handling app.

Funnels analytics tells you which navigation path the user chooses for a visit on your app. It provides different funnels for a different path and informs you which funnel faces more drop out. you can find out the reason of drop out by watching the session recording of the user. You can compare it to the users who completed their tasks for app conversions.

Uxcam facilitates the integration sessions with your tools for quantitative measurements. It allows your agents to replay any session of ticket raised.

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VWO enables the organizations to conduct successful A/B tests across user’s lifecycles on their digital stores. You can increase revenue for your digital brand without the involvement of the development team. You can modify the title, page, style of your websites, and mobile application without writing a single line of code.

VWO provides to ready-made widgets library to apply for your website and test its impact on conversions. You can easily change the HTML, CSS, and JS code according to your desire as well.

It facilitates you with funnels to identify the dropping points of visitors. It recodes every click of visitors for your understanding. With VWO full stack, you can test anything search algorithms or recommendation engine or subscription workflows.

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Lucky orange

Lucky orange dashboard tells you how many users are currently using your page and how many are searching for your eCommerce store. It compares the location, tweets, and languages of your website visitors.

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Crazy Egg

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WP Visitors Tracker

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