TranslatePress Addon for Automate Page Translation in WordPress


In today’s globalized world, catering to diverse audiences is very important. However, the process of translating website content can often be time-consuming and resource-intensive. This is where the Automatic Machine Translator Add-On steps in to revolutionize your approach. By using Automatic page translator plugin, it becomes your ultimate tool to break down language barriers and reach a wider spectrum of users. The premium version of Automatic page translator which is a TranslatePress Addon developed by Cool Plugins serves primarily to reshape your translation efforts. This plugin’s strength lies in its capability to simplify and the quick translation process which offers you a novel level of ease and effectiveness.

This add-on is your gateway to a more streamlined and cost-effective translation experience. The Free version of the add-on is equipped with the Yandex translate widget, enabling basic translation functionalities. However, it’s the Pro version that truly shines with its premium features.

In the Pro version, you’ll be welcomed by the inclusion of the Google translate widget, in addition to the already-present Yandex option. What’s more, the Pro version offers an unmatched advantage by eliminating the need for any API keys, thereby opening the door to unlimited translations. Imagine the potential – no more restrictions, no more worries about exceeding translation limits.

Key Features

The Automatic page Translator Add-On for TranslatePress redefines website translation with features like unlimited translations, one-click efficiency, content consistency, and user-friendly interface. It bridges language gaps, streamlines workflows, and ensures global accessibility for a seamless, impactful translation experience. Following are the main key features:

  • Seamless Integration
  • Efficient Translation
  • Comprehensive Compatibility
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Yandex Translate Widget
  • Pro Version with Google Translate
  • No API Key Requirement
  • Page-Wide Translation
  • One-Click Translation
  • Regular Updates

Step by Step Procedure

  1. Install and activate Automatic Translate Addon For TranslatePress and TranslatePress – Multilingual plugins.
  2. After installation, search for Settings tab on left window pane of WordPress and then click on TranslatePress.
  3. Now, In general settings choose the default Language and the language to which you want to translate and then click on Save Changes.
  4. Click on Translate site.
  5. Select the language of translation and click on Auto Translate Button.
  6. Now select the translator i.e Yandex Translate for free version.
  7. Again choose the language of translation and click on merge translation.

Congratulation, you have successfully translated the WordPress page.

To automatically translate your WordPress plugin or theme translatable strings, you can use another automatic translate addon developed by Cool Plugins for Loco Translate plugin.


The Automatic page Translator Add-On stands as an exceptional tool to redefine the landscape of website translation. With a seamless integration into the TranslatePress plugin. By enabling swift, page-wide translation with a single click, this add-on champions automation without compromising on quality. The resulting multilingual content not only enriches user experience but also extends your website’s global reach. With a commitment to maintaining brand consistency and regular updates to ensure peak performance. This add-on not only alleviates the complications of translation but also to unlock a realm of opportunities for engaging with diverse audiences.

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