Alphabet’s Intrinsic Launches Flowstate: Web-Based Robotics Tool

Intrinsic, a robotics company founded by Alphabet in 2022, announced its first product on Monday. Intrinsic Flowstate is a web-based developer environment that allows users to build robotic applications from concept to deployment.

Flowstate is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for developers with no prior experience in robotics. The platform provides a graphical interface for authoring sequences and laying out workcells, as well as a simulation environment for testing and validating solutions. Flowstate also includes a library of pre-loaded skills that can be used to quickly build complex applications.

Intrinsic believes that Flowstate will make robots more accessible to a wider range of businesses and developers. The company is targeting a variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare.

“We see a future where robots are used by everyone, not just experts,” said Intrinsic CEO Will Mason. “Flowstate is a key step in making that future a reality.”

Intrinsic is currently in private beta with a select group of developers. The company plans to release Flowstate to the public later this year.

Here are some of the key features of Intrinsic Flowstate:

  • Intuitive, web-based user interface
  • Graphical process builder for authoring sequences
  • Simulation environment for testing and validating solutions
  • Library of pre-loaded skills
  • Support for a variety of robots and sensors

Intrinsic Flowstate is a significant development in the field of robotics. The platform has the potential to make robots more accessible to a wider range of businesses and developers, which could lead to widespread adoption of robotics in a variety of industries.

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