Power Restored in Daly City After Underground Vault Fire Causes Outages

Daly City, Calif. – In an unexpected turn of events, power has finally been restored in the Daly City area after a disruptive underground fire led to over 50,000 outages. The incident left residents and businesses in the dark for several hours, causing inconvenience and concern throughout the community.

The chaotic scene unfolded on Monday morning when the North County Fire Authority responded to reports of an electrical vault fire on Camelot Ct. in Daly City. As flames consumed the underground vault, power lines were compromised, resulting in a widespread loss of electricity. Panic set in as more than 50,000 PG&E customers found themselves without power.

Swift action was taken by PG&E crews, who tirelessly worked to restore electricity to the affected area. The dedicated efforts paid off, and the latest update from PG&E’s outage map shows that the vast majority of customers now have their power back. Spokeswoman Tamar Sarkissian announced that as of 11 a.m., only two customers were still without service, signifying significant progress in resolving the issue.

While the underground fire and the subsequent power outage initially seemed related, PG&E clarified that they were separate incidents. However, the cause of the downed power lines that triggered the outage is still under investigation. PG&E has assured the public that they are diligently looking into the matter to determine what led to the disruption and prevent future incidents.

Earlier reports had mistakenly indicated that a staggering 50,936 customers were affected by the power outage. However, PG&E promptly corrected this error, clarifying that the actual number of affected customers was 5,600. The utility company is committed to rectifying the situation as quickly and safely as possible and will continue to provide updates on any significant developments.

The incident has shed light on the vulnerability of the power infrastructure and the importance of proactive measures to prevent disruptions. Residents and businesses in Daly City can now breathe a sigh of relief as their power is restored. However, the incident serves as a reminder to remain vigilant and prepared for unforeseen circumstances that can disrupt our daily lives.

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