Accept Crypto Payments in WooCommerce with MetaMask

Introduction :

Discover the future of online payments with Metamask plugin for WooCommerce developed by Cool Plugins. Elevate your customers’ shopping experience by enabling seamless payments in cryptocurrencies. With innovative MetaMask Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway, you can now offer your customers the convenience of paying with popular cryptocurrencies like USDT, ETH, BNB, and BUSD, all within your WooCommerce store. The user-friendly WooCommerce extension Cryptocurrency Payments Using MetaMask For WooCommerce, enables you to effortlessly receive crypto payments directly in your personal wallet, ensuring quick and secure transactions.

Key Features :

  1. Seamless Cryptocurrency Payments
  2. Wide Token Compatibility
  3. On-Site Processing
  4. Instant Transfers
  5. Secure Transactions
  6. Simplified Management
  7. Embrace Decentralization

Step by Step Procedure to add your payment receiving credentials :

  1. Install WooCommerce to use Pay With MetaMask For WooCommerce – Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway plugin.
  2. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you can now proceed for WooCommerce tab and find the MetaMask settings.
  3. Click on the MetaMask settings and enter the details to receive the payments.
  4. Enter your wallet address to the “Payment Address” field.
  5. Select the Currency Conversion API which allows “Binance + Openexchangerates” or “CryptoCompare” API’s. To use Custom API you just need to purchase the pro version.
  6. After selecting the API option, you need to provide API key. Free API key can be assessed using the Free API key link.
  7. Select the MetaMask Network, in free version you are allowed to use following MetaMask Networks:
    • Ethereum Main Network (Mainnet)
    • Ethereum-Sepolia (Test Network)
    • GoerliETH Test Network (Testnet)
    • Binance Smart Chain (Mainnet)
    • Binance Smart Chain (Testnet)
  8. You can add custom network/chain or select multiple networks/chains in pro version.
  9. Now its time to select Crypto Currency. In free version you are allowed “Binance Coin” and “BUSD” whereas you can add any custom token/coin in pro version.
  10. MetaMask plugin for WooCommerce allows you to enable the Refund option, if desired.
  11. You can also add message for user about the status of transaction i.e. Payment Confirmation, Payment Processing, Payment Rejected or Payment success
  12. Wallets are supported in pro version only. Supported Wallets includes MetaMask Wallet and Binance Wallet. Binance wallet supports Binance Main Network, Binance Test Network and “Ethereum Main Network.
  13. Login to Crypto Wallets and Custom networks/chains can be added using the premium version of this MetaMask plugin for WooCommerce developed by Cool Plugins.
  14. Free Test Tokens to Test Payment via Metamask on Test Networks/Chains are also available. You can enjoy the following free tokens :

Conclusion :

Cryptocurrency Payments Using MetaMask For WooCommerce enables you to receive payments in Crypto Currencies. Revolutionize your business by accepting major cryptocurrencies effortlessly and securely. With instant transfers directly to your crypto wallet, you’ll experience a new level of financial efficiency. Whether it’s USDT, ETH, or BUSD, this gateway empowers you to tap into a world of digital transactions.

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