Who is Binod Tharu? Why Binod Trending on YouTube Comments? Binod Memes Trend Story

You might have recently noticed the word “Binod” in several YouTube comments. Now, you are wondering why Binod is trending on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and even the whole social media.

You will see the comment “Binod” no matter whether the YouTube video is related to tech, gaming, or any other niche. If you are a YouTuber then you might have noticed this heavy trend in your live streams.

So, there are many questions that arise in your mind like:

  • Who is Binod?
  • What is the meaning of Binod?
  • Who is Binod in memes?
  • Why Binod is trending right now?
  • Binod meme trend story
  • and so on…

How and when the “Binod” trend started?

As you probably know that on the internet anything at any time may start trending. Sometimes there might be a good reason behind a specific trend. But, every now and then we see trends that do not have any logic.

Similarly, there is no reason/logic behind the Binod trend. Now the main thing is how this trend started?

So basically, there is a YouTube channel named “Binod Tharu”. Whenever the person who own this channel views any YouTube video, he type the word “Binod” in the comments section.

The trend started when “Binod Tharu” left a comment on “Slayy Point” YouTube channel.

If you don’t already know, “Slayy Point” is a very popular YouTube channel from India. It has over 2.17 Million subscribers.

As a result of Binod Tharu’s comment, “Slayy Point” created a brand new video with the title Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD).

Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)

In this video, “Slayy Point” mentioned how people are idle enough that they post anything in the comments section. Even comments that don’t make any sense with the content of the video.

His video went viral because of the way he created the whole content to represent his thoughts. He added fun and meme material to engage the audience.

The video was uploaded on 15 July 2020. At the time of writing this piece, the video has received over 4,482,175 views on YouTube.

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