Python Random Lottery Number Generator Game Source Code

In this article, I will teach you how to make a Python Random Lottery Number Generator Game. The complete source code of this random lottery number generator built using Python 3 is given below.

Python Random Lottery Number Generator Game

import random

notoplay = input('Enter How Many Numbers you want to play [Range 1 - 6]: ')

maxplaynos = 6

if(int(notoplay) > int(maxplaynos)):

print('Enter A Valid Number')

notoplay = -1

def menu():

getplayernos = gpn()

randomlotterynos = cln()

winnings = getplayernos.intersection(randomlotterynos)

if(len(winnings)<= 0):

print('Better Luck Next Time')

if(len(winnings)> 0):

print('You Won {} '.format(100**len(winnings)))


def gpn():

int_n_set = set()

for i in range(int(notoplay)):

j = i + 1

nos = int(input('Enter Lottery Number {}: '.format(j)))


return int_n_set

def cln():

rand_set = set()

nos = notoplay

while len(rand_set) < int(nos):


return rand_set


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