GraphQL.js Version 15.2.0 Released | New Features?


GraphQL.js version 15.2.0 was released on June 29, 2020.

It has introduced many new features while also fixing the existing code base.

Here's a list of features introduced in GraphQL.js version 15.2.0.

  1. Change type of extensions from anonymous Record to named interfaces.
  2. Add NoSchemaIntrospectionCustomRule
  3. Add NoDeprecatedCustomRule and deprecate findDeprecatedUsages
  4. ExecutionResult: add 'extensions' field
  5. Add parentType to path to avoid path ambiguity
  6. Added 'executeSync': promise free version of execute.

Only one bug is fixed, which is as follows:-

  1. buildSchema: allow to reference introspection types

They also updated the documentation:-

  1. README: use local references

A total of Twenty Four (24) Pull requests from Ivan Goncharov were merged.

  1. tests: Improve type coverage
  2. union-interface-test: Improve typings
  3. Switch to alternative format for type imports
  4. Switch unused imports to type imports
  5. Remove unintended 'console.log'
  6. CI: add initial support of Deno build
  7. CI: fix publishing of npm and deno branches
  8. CI: fix execution of gitpublish script
  9. CI: various fixes in ''
  10. CI: use bash to run ''
  11. ci: use '.js' extension for deno build
  12. instanceOf: support Deno
  13. Integration tests for TS
  14. Remove dtslint check
  15. Cleanup TS integration test
  16. integrationTests: suppress warnings from 'npm install'
  17. Revert "instanceOf: support Deno (#2642)"
  18. Move prettier down in the order of tests
  19. Simplify ESLint config
  20. Update Flow
  21. Simplify prettier config
  22. Run cspell on entire project
  23. Run ESLint on the entire repo
  24. Remove swap file accidentally committed in #2560

Finally, In GraphQL.js 15.2.0 some of its dependencies were also updated.

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